Monday, 29 October 2012

The Vanishing Star

That night was cold. I was sitting on a bench, with the most special person in my life, my mum. We were breathing fresh air, watching the sky, seeking for the stars, but there were none in the sky. I suddenly ask my mum a stupid child question, 
"Mum, how many stars are there in the sky?" Then my mum answered, "Only God knows the answer dear, when I see God, I'll ask them how many stars are there in the sky." 
She smiled sweetly to me, my mum has a very beautiful smile, a motherly smile and I really love to see her smiling. That night, she hugged me tightly and I was feeling very comfortable, warmer. Suddenly, she asked me to go to bed as it's already 10 p.m. I had to sleep early so that I will not be sleepy in school for tomorrow. Before I sleep, she read a bedtime story for me and after that she will kiss my forehead like she always did, every night. 

I was about to sleep when I heard the sound of door banging, very loudly. It must be my dad, he just came back after about two weeks he left us. My dad worked as a lorry driver, he rarely came back home but when he came, he will always get drunk and sometime will abuse my mum. Suddenly I heard the sound of my mum and dad arguing. I quickly peeped through the door and saw my dad slapped my mum face until she fell onto the floor. My dad looks very angry, I was very shocked and frightened at the same time. I was burst into tears. I cried behind the door until I dozed off. 

The next day, my mum send me to school as usual. My school, SMK Taman Permata is located not far from my house, it is about 4km. My mum send me to school by the motorcycle, the only transportation that we have. I could see the bruises on her cheek. She also looked so pale and weak. I was very worry about her so I asked her whether she was okay or not but then she said, “There’s nothing for you to worry, sweet pie.” Well I was only a little child at that time, there was nothing much I could do to help her. However, I always pray for her safety and believe that Allah will help us. After sending me to school, she will have to send some nasi lemak and kuih to Makcik Timah to be sold. She will then go to the Yellowtown Mall as she worked as a cleaner there. She is very strong woman that really inspired me.

After the school bell rang, I waited my mum at the bus stop as usual. I cannot see my mum there, usually, she will come to fetch me on time but sometimes she will late for about 5 to 10 minutes. Therefore, I waited patiently. An hour passed but I didn’t see any signs of my mum coming. I was about to cry when a red Satria Neo stops by. It was my English teacher, Miss Adila. Miss Adila who was wearing a black shawl and a pink baju kurung is a young nice teacher. She taught my class. She is a petite cute teacher that loves to smile. She came towards me and ask, “Lily, what are you doing here alone? It’s already 2.30 p.m. Where’s your mum?” I then answered, “I am waiting for her, she didn’t come to fetch me, I’m worry if anything bad had happened…” I started to sob. “Don’t worry dear, she might have forgotten to fetch you, come let me send you home.” Miss Adila offered me a ride and I agreed without doubt. My mum would not have forgotten to fetch me, I know her, unless, there was something bad happened. 

When we arrived at my house, I saw my mum’s EX5 motorcycle was at front for my house as usual. I quickly entered the house and seek for my mum. Suddenly, I was very shocked when I saw my mum was lying on the kitchen’s floor. She fainted! Miss Adila straight away called the ambulance. We then followed the ambulance to Pantai Medical Centre. After about half an hour of waiting, the nurse asked us to meet Dr.Siti, the doctor in charged for my mum. Dr.Siti said that there was nothing serious about my mum, she fainted just because she does not have enough rest and she did lot of heavy works. My mum also experienced stress. Therefore Dr. Siti advised my mum to get more rest and avoid to do heavy works. Well, my mum worked really hard for our family, she cook nasi lemak and kuih, sewing baju kurung, and also cleaned the mall for earnings. Although my dad also work, he always use his money to gamble and buy drinks. Sometimes he will also steal my mum’s money. When my mum refused to give him some money, he will abused her. 

After finished talking with Dr. Siti, Miss Adila helped my mum to pay for the medicine and the bills. She then sent us home. My mum thanks her very much for her good deeds. She was such a nice teacher. At the night, my mum entered my room. She said that there is no bedtime story for tonight. I understand her condition that she needed a good rest. Suddenly, she hugged me and said, “Dear, I love you so much, you are my only daughter, my sweet pie that made my every day. If I were to leave you, please do not ever forget me.” I just nodded and hugged her like there will be no tomorrow for us. 

The next day, Miss Adila wanted to bring us out and join her for dinner at the night. She fetched us at 8 p.m. in the night and brought us to the Kenny Roger’s Roasters restaurant in the town. We had a great dinner that night. After finished eating, we walk beside the busy road to Miss Adila’s car. Suddenly, my mum saw my dad, who was drunk, trying to cross the busy road. There was a big lorry coming fast and nearly hit my dad. The big lorry was getting near. Without thinking, my mum pushed my dad aside to save him. “Mum….no!!!!!!!” I shouted for her. Then, there was a very loud crash sound and I saw my mum was lying on the road. Miss Adila and I quickly ran to get her. We were too late, my mum with bloods all over her face and body was lying there, weak. Tears rolled down my cheek. I hold her hand tight. She whispered to me, “I am going to see God now and I’ll ask God how many stars are there in the sky.” Then she closed her eyes, she had left me, forever. 

Now 20 years had passed, the memories were still fresh on my mind. My mum is never been forgotten by me, I still pray for her life in hereafter. My dad, after the incident, had regretted for all the mistakes he did to me and my mum. He was feeling very depressed and at last he also left me after a few months of the incident. I was very lucky as Miss Adila decided to adopt me after my parents had gone. I lived with her, and she was married to a Chinese guy named Lai. They are my parents now. However, I never forget my mum… and also, my dad. I am now worked as a public prosecutor, the one who always wanted to reveal justice in this life. I also married to a nice guy and happy with my life, never tried to repeat the history of my family once upon a time. The End.

:) This is the story that I first wrote on 2009 when I was in form 3 where Teacher Salmiah wanted us to write an essay for her class. During the extra class on holiday, I was absent. My friend told me that she read my story to the whole class and she was crying a bit. 
On 2011, I rewrote this essay and decided to memorized it with the correct grammar so that I can use this essay in my SPM. You all know that the one word essay in English examination paper? Just try to fit in the essay with the word, it might be possible. Also, we can use the question that asked us to continue the sentence and try to fit in with the essay you memorize. This will make it easier because we do not really have enough time to write a good essay on the examination. Unless, if we already have the story line in our mind. So dear brothers and sisters who will sit for SPM this year, all the best! :)


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