Saturday, 23 March 2013


I am a petite girl that really loves to do crazy stuff with my best friends. I have the mood when I will tend to be silent and just say yes to everyone’s question. Well, people's moods and behavior are unpredictable isn’t it? 

Mine is quiet unpredictable. 

However not very complicated as some may have. 

I love the moment when in a very cold night in a long long never ending holidays, with the night mist filling the air, I am cuddling with my warm blanket, together watching a great fantasy movie with my lovely family, or friends or alone reading my favorite kind of story book or novel. It is such a great moment, and I just love that. Besides, I love it when it is raining, and I am enjoying the scoop of my favorite chocolate vienneta ice cream. It will help me forget all the unsolved problems or pending to-do things that keep disturbing my head at a moment. Well, I just love rain very much. Rain is also the name of my favorite celebrity in Korea. He is such a very handsome, cute and sweet actor. I love when he smiled, he had the thing that they call ‘eye smile’. Which when he smile, his eyes will become so small. 
However, still, my true love ever is the hottest person in this century, Taylor Daniel Lautner. Well, I do not really so into him to the extent that I watch every movie that he is starring. Actually, I might have fall in love into Jacob Kind Black, the fictional character in Twilight movie series. Jacob is such a gentle, strong, handsome, good guy who is willing to do anything to protect his loved one, Bella. Well I really hope that I am Bella, and if I really am, I would choose him instead of Edward! However, come to think of it, Edward is not bad, you know. I wish I had two sincere handsome guys chasing after my love but in reality I had none. Enough of the dreams, I am Liana, not Bella.

Besides, I am a girl that always had a great imagination of things should or should not happen in my life which kept going into my head.

I sometimes had in my minds that I was fall down into a rabbit hole, going through a very deep hole, with a magic piano that played by itself, a floating cup of tea and at last fell on a ceiling, backwardly. Then I found a piece of cake that had a note on it which tells me to eat it and when I did, I shrink and become super small, enter into a wonderful wonderland, meet a smiling cat, the red and white queen and won a battle with the Jaberworcky.

 Wow, quiet adventurous! 

How about this, me as a daughter of lovely mum but a busy dad, who had two brothers, lives in a mansion together and had been visited by a boy who does not want to grow up, with his little cute fairy namely Tinkerbell. I can fly and went to the Neverland, met a captain of a pirate ship who lose his right hand and use hook as a change of his hand. At last I went back to my world, leave Neverland, leave him and the memories we had together.

Too pathetic?

Okay now I am a real pretty and quiet girl, who moves to Forks to live with my father. Then the next day, meet with my neighbor, namely Jacob who had a great six pack body who is actually a werewolf and at last fall in love to a vampire. At last, instead of spend the rest of my live marrying Mr. Vampire, and become immortal, be like one of them, I choose to be with Mr. Tough Werewolf and live happily ever after with him. 

What, now too epic?

To be more adventurous, I kept pretending that I am a Muggle, who suddenly received an invitation letter from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and meet with a great legend who had a lightning bolt scar on his forehead and become a very close friend of him. Hand to hand with him and another friend who had red hair, defeat the most evil wizard in the world namely, You-Know-Who.

What a great imagination I had.

To be real, I am an ordinary girl, in this awesome world with my own unique adventure which is right now is to make sure that I am qualified to pursue my degree in Law, surrounding with lovely supporting family, and crazy-same-head friends. Well, my life is a great interesting life also, indeed. 

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