Monday, 18 January 2016

2016 Goals

I believe it’s not quite late for me to write an entry about my New Year goals, better late than never right. Since I’ve been quiet interested in writings since high school, I got excited to write short stories sometimes but I realize that my English isn’t that great such as bad grammars and such. Haha so I would like to make my 2016 as the year for me to read more books and improve my English, whether in writing and in speaking. As a law student, I need to master those useful skills. So I can’t wait to spend my book vouchers at the Big Bad Wolf book sale soon! 

Next thing is, to add my general knowledge by reading more news especially the international news. Well girls with wide knowledge of current issues are attractive ain’t it? Lol but no I didn’t put it as my goals because of that, it’s just that, same thing with my first goal, they would be useful for me. 

Enough with that intellectual goals of mine, the next goal is to be more fit! Yass I think I’m getting fatter and fatter each day, it’s sooooo disturbing when I realize I lost my thigh gap! Well my current weight is 43 kg, I don’t really mind about weight but I just can’t accept if the fat distributed unequally into my body parts, they like my drumsticks a lot ughh. So I wanna exercise regularly this year and it’ll make me more focus in studies too. Towards healthy lifestyle! 

Actually, to me, we don’t need New Year to start new things in life, new visions and stuff. But it’s a good timing for a fresh start I mean, we are growing up! I don’t know bout you, but I’m feelin twenty two ~ ~ ~ 

So here’s to the new year new me cliché! xx

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